Devoting over 50 years defending citizens across all walks of life is, THE Oakland Criminal Lawyer…

Oakland Criminal Lawyer, Dennis Roberts brings VAST experience to the area of Criminal Law, putting  justice for his clients above all else.  No matter how small or complex the Case may be….. We stand ready to provide YOU, the citizen ACCUSED, with the very best in Criminal Defense!

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If you have been arrested for any crime in which you are seeking to hire an Oakland Criminal Lawyer to defend your rights – LISTEN to the rights in which you were read and REMAIN SILENT.

You should not answer ANY questions without your Lawyer present.  Politely say “I want a Lawyer” and….Call Dennis TODAY!  510-465-6363

Having been arrested or accused of a crime, often people will find themselves frightened, confused and worried about their future as well as their family’s.  You should not face Criminal Charges on your own, especially if you are being accused of a serious Criminal Offense.  You or a loved should immediately contact several Oakland Criminal Lawyers to learn of the options available to you.

More times than not, when someone finds themselves caught up in the legal system, they think they can’t afford to hire a Criminal Lawyer.  Ask yourself if you can afford NOT to hire an Attorney, only YOU can answer that question for yourself.  Don’t let you or your loved fall victim to bad representation or no representation at all.  Seek all the FREE advice you can and arm yourself with the knowledge YOU need to make the best decision for your situation.

We strongly urge you to contact not just one Oakland Criminal Lawyer, but several.  Arm yourself with knowledge and seek the advice of MANY!

We, as most Oakland Criminal Lawyers, offer FREE initial consultations for all types of Criminal Cases.  Make Oakland Criminal Lawyer, Dennis Roberts, one of several Defense Attorneys you call TODAY!

Dennis Roberts Attorney at Law
370 Grand Ave., Suite 1
Oakland, CA. 94610-4892

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An Oakland Criminal Lawyer That Fights HARD For His Clients Freedom!

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